It's Time to CelebrateYOU!

May 19, 2014

Welcome to Around the Curve! As it is our first official blog post, it seems fitting that it would be a big one.  A big announcement...

We need you.  


Yeah we need you on many levels, but what we need the most right now is your trust, your willingness, and your empowering fight to let your inner awesome shine.

We have paired up with Boudoir by Mary once again (some of you will remember our collaboration last year with The Face casting call) to battle body negativity, body shaming, and overall negativity towards how we feel about ourselves here in Lansing.  


We have so many amazing, AMAZING women who come into our shop completely down on themselves.  “Okay, we can do a fitting, but don’t look at my stomach because I hate it.” 

Why?! Because it’s not what it used to be?!  Because it’s not what society says is appropriate right now? These women come to us a bit broken inside.  Some even rip on themselves before they hit the dressing room, seemingly to make light of their distaste for what they see everyday.  


Is this okay?  Not with us.  I mean....we all have that one part, or that one area that isn’t our favorite.  I think that’s human nature or maybe just being women in general.  But hate is a strong word.  We are encouraging, inviting, asking you to participate in this amazing project.  Many times we have these women turn themselves around in that dressing room.  “Oh!  Look!  I look amazing!  My boobs look great!” We here to say, “Yep.  And you deserve that!”  


So it’s time to CelebrateYOU!


We’re doing a photo shoot, and it’s going to be awesome.  We need ten of you fabulously fearless ladies to volunteer to be in our photograph, which will hang on the wall behind the counter inside our shop in Old Town.  We are all about color, and fun, and celebration, so we’ve decided to call the project CelebrateYOU!  Because we are, after all.  


You all have a story.  We’d love to represent that story.


Every woman who is selected will be in a bra and panty set, and everyone will be wearing a different color or print of some sort.  We’re keeping it classy, but eye-catching and bold. And we want you in it!  To represent those who value themselves.  Who shine on the outside because of your inside.  We need women of every age (above 18 though), shape, hair color, etc.  


If you’re willing, it may not always be easy.  This image will be on our social media pages.  It might wind up in a paper.  Are you willing?  Will you go to battle with us against body shaming, social norms, and inner negativity?


If your answer is YES! I want to help! Please follow the link to the CelebrateYOU project page for instructions and further rules on applying.  Ten applicants will be selected by Mary and myself, and will be announced the first week of June.  Applications to participate are due May 29th.  


And as a super bonus, Mary is offering $50 off any future boudoir session to our participants, and Curvaceous is offering 50% off any bra, panty, or set used in the shoot.  



Must be 18 +

Must sign a model release that allows Curvaceous Lingerie and Boudoir by Mary complete rights to share any image from our photo shoot in any way, including in store, on social media and any form of advertising, as well as release us from all liability should any personal situations arise from your participation.

Must understand that you will be wearing bra and panty only in said images.

Should discuss this in advance with your partner, so that there are no surprises.

Must be able to be at the portrait shoot on the specified day, which is Sunday, June 7th at 10am.  



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