Spring/Summer '16 Market Recap

August 27, 2015

 Many of you know I take a little jaunt to NYC twice a year to find fun pretty things for the shop!  (August I usually look forward to a bit more, since there isn't the huge issue of traveling in a mountain of snow.)  I'm always on the hunt for new trends and emerging brands, and many times I feel like i'm shopping specifically for certain people i've come to know.  It's a challenging, crazy trip, but I love it.  Check out a few things I found this time around. (Pictured above is the Parfait booth, photo credit Ellen Lewis of Lingerie Briefs.  Model wearing the new Marianne bra soon hitting the store.)





Arianna modal chemises.


Arianna was a new brand at the show, direct from Italy!  I met the designer (who spoke little to no english but we had a good time anyway) and learned everything on the line is fully custom.  LADIES.  This Curvaceous gets fully customized, one-of-a-kind sleepwear pieces!  The length, colors, and even the lace placement can be changed.  It's like having that magic want I always joke about in dressing rooms....





Panache SS16


Panache this coming season is going to be fantastic.  Pictured is the Jasmine (left) and Clara (right).  Get ready to see more two tone, more graphics, and yet again more floral.  Their swimwear wasn't quite as strong as some of the Eveden brands though, which was disappointing. 


Tutti Rouge and Gossard.


I was extremely impressed with Tutti Rouge, another UK-based bra brand.  They are newer on the market, and have really hit it hard.  Some history- apparently they designed and manufactured for a bunch of other companies, and decided to do their own thing.  I met the creative director and designer, and I just adored everything about them!  Colors, prints, and now hopefully the FIT is impressive.  Prepare to meet Tutti Rouge products in September.


Gossard, aside from this one set was slightly uncreative.  I loved this three piece outfit, but everything on the line was exactly as it was in February.  They even cut their swimwear line, which is what you all loved in pictures last time.  Hmmm.  The brand might still be making an appearance, but it could be selective.


Flora Nikrooz


Bodysuits. Were. Everywhere.

Every sleepwear line had multiple bodysuits this season.  Crazy! I personally am a huge fan, but they are a trickier fit for some with a longer or shorter than average torso.  Are you a fan?


 Curvy Kate Swimwear


Right along with bodysuits/teddies was the one piece bathing suit!  Yes folks it's making a comeback, but don't expect too many of them from us for awhile.  This will be a slower trend to get to the midwest!  And again, the fit of one pieces is much more difficult than the frequestly requested tankini style.  This particular suit got a lot of reaction on our Facebook page when we posted from market.  And no wonder, it's gorgeous!


 Black Lace Tattoos


Here's one I wasn't expecting!  What you see here is a company that specifically designs sexy stick on "tattoos" for any number of occasions.  There are several black, white/ivory, and champagne designs, and I thought these could really be fun! Think fabulous boudoir outfit ladies! Wow! A few of the black pieces are reusable, but most of them are a one time use only.  If you want an out of the box idea, you definitely would have one here.


 Promostyl presentation


If you're a fan of the color blue, you're really going to relish next spring.  

Everyday there are random presentations and learning opportunities for those who choose to attend.  One that makes a regular appearance is the company Promostyl, who does all of the trending forecasts for the upcoming season and highlights the trends with examples from vendors with booths at the show.  Above the presenter is reinforcing hues of blue - denim, forget-me-not, periwinkle, etc are HUGE colors for spring.  It was a tone that literally appeared everywhere!  


That's a small snippet of what I encountered at the show!  There was so much to see, and I admit i'm guilty of not taking as many pictures as I should have.  Every time I convince myself i'll get better, and then I get distracted by pretty things!  ;)



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