Curvaceous Lingerie's Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Must Haves for 2015

December 11, 2015

10.  Black Lace Skin Jewelry

We started Black Lace at number ten because it's sparkly!  Everyone loves a little sparkle, especially around the holidays, right? These beauties are available in various shapes and sizes in black, silver, and gold and usually act as an accessory on your body.  Many of them look like bracelets when on your wrist! They are adhesive one time use, priced $13-$28.


9. Reusable Nipple Concealors

These babies are not just for summer tops and vacation time! Winter time is know what we're saying. Sometimes you need that one bra shape for that one outfit, but yikes! It's a soft cup! What's a girl to do?! Petal Tops to the rescue! Available in Light and Dark, $9.


8. Commando Boxed Underwear

The perfect solution for those pesky outfits that every undergarment shows beneath! 

Totally seamless with a raw cut edge, these panties are available in thongs (most seamless), bikinis, and boyshorts. Available in size combos S/M  and M/L (plus sized gals, we're working on em), prices ranging $20-28.


7.  Bra Converter Clips

These clips are easy to carry with you anywhere.  Especially if you're traveling!  It will definitely save you having to pack an additional racer back bra for those specific outfits or dresses.  Also handy if you have especially sloping shoulders. $7


6.  Lingerie Travel Bag

Keeping with our travel kick here, this bag maximizes organization and fuctionality! Complete with a hook for hanging (that's what that little black pouch is on the top left) and a handle for carrying.  Divide your panties into dirty/clean, divide tops/bottoms, etc.  AND it's pretty cute too. Just roll it up and stuff in that stocking! $34-46


5.  Stretch Lace Retro Thong

Have you ever tried them?! By far our #1 panty in the shop.  This beauty boasts a wide waistband so there's no muffin top, and a generous backside for a "thong." It's also super easy to gift because of it's special sizing - Traditional one size fits 0-12, Plus one size fits 14-24. $23,$25


4.  Hypoallergenic Smart Tape

A cute tin with a mirror full of tape strips that fits seamlessly into any handbag!  Stick clothing to clothing (think button down blouses that pop open or pant hems that fall out), or clothing to skin to keep garments from moving around (low cut top,s wide straps, etc).  Great in a wedding emergency kit too! $8.75


3. The Silky Sac Lingerie Wash Bag

We never get tired of talking about these.  They are ESSENTIAL to every woman's laundry room!

If you aren't a fan of hand washing, these wash bags will protect your bras, hosiery, etc from getting tangled and being pulled on in your washing machine. Help preserve your investment and the life of your bras! Can also double as a simple travel bag.  The capacity of these particular bags is pretty large too. $9


2.  Eucalan NO RISE Delicate Wash

Now we're talking.  This stuff will seriously change the way you wash half your wardrobe.  

Pour a dollop in your bathroom sink under running water.  Let your garment soak 10-15 minutes. Remove, roll clothes in a towel to blot. Hang dry. Ready in the morning. That's right, NO rinsing out a ridiculous amount of concentrated detergent! Wash delicates, wool coats, dry clean only items, etc.  Available in five scents and three sizes for your washing pleasure. 16.9oz $13, 3.3 oz $5, one time trial pods $1 each.  Those pods are great for travel and can be stuffed into those pesky stocking toes!


1.  Curvaceous Lingerie's Naughty Surprise Panty

Number One!  The Naughty Surprise Panty was developed for a bit of fun here at the shop.  All you know is the size, that they're black in color, and they're a bit scandalous.  Perfect to add a bit of intrigue to your partner's stocking this year! Sized S/M, L/XL, 1/2X or 3/4X.  $10



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