A Visit with Montelle Intimates

June 7, 2016

Over the Memorial holiday Mr. Curvaceous (aka my boyfriend Jason) and I ventured on vacation to Montreal, Canada.  Mr. Curvaceous seems to be a name that everyone finds amusing (including myself) so i'm running with it ;)

We made it a priority one day to make it to the headquarters of Montelle Intimates to tour their facilities and look at updated products.  I've gotta say, they have a very sweet setup there! 

We were greeted by Alexandra, our Fleur't account representative (a division of Montelle!) who gave us the grand tour. 



In the lobby were mannequins displaying slips and sets from Montelle and Fleur't.  Look familiar?


On the tour we met the designer of the company, who was formerly just the designer of the Montelle collection.  We have been informed that she is now head designer of ALL collections.  

This is such fantastic news because there will now be coordination of products between Montelle (primarily bras and panties) and Fleur't (slips, pjs, and lingerie sets).  This means more mix and match ideas, color stories and more!






















After the lobby area we were quickly ushered into the warehouse, and I was impressed that they procure everything right from their headquarters!  Bras, panties, everything were sorted in row after row of boxes labeled with style, color etc.  No machines packing orders here! 



Right after the warehouse we were shown the Fabric Wall.  Oh. My. Goodness!  An entire wall of laces and trimmings from years past and future collections.  Let me just tell you I could have looked at that for an entire DAY.  



Next to the fabric wall was the Sample Room!  Talk about trying not to get distracted...I kept pawing through the walls and exclaiming over things.  Turns out they do some private label for a few other companies as well, so there were a lot of items i'd never seen.  Pretty sure I was pushed or dragged out of there.  Mr. Curvaceous kept me on track!




After treking through some offices and meeting customer service coordinators, design teams, accounting and the like we made it to the Showroom to review products.  

Here not only were we visited by the head designer herself, but we also met the CEO of the company!  Evidently not many folks make it out to visit them in Montreal, so they all seemed excited to have us.  The positive energy was incredible!



This is my favorite new collection, ready to hit the shop later this fall.  How gorgeous is this?! Both a sheer underwired version and a bralette version are available, along side a suspender and brief. They'd previously attempted to release it in red with blue, and it looked very odd.  They cleaned it up and went straight black, and i'm stoked to get it in! What do you think?



Here we are with the immediate team I work with on the regular from the top right- Mr. Curvaceous, Alexandra Fleur't rep, Ramona Montelle rep, myself and Michelle Accounts Receivable. 

















This was the absolute best showroom experience i've ever had.  Not only did I love this company before we traveled to them, but now i'm just love them even more! You can tell everyone loves their jobs and it's really an entire team effort.  


In conclusion I feel as if I should show remind you all of some of the best sellers they make for us!

Pictured above left is a personal favorite, the Montelle Absolute bra. Available 32-38, B-E cup.

Above right is the Montelle Keyhole lace demi.  Available 32-38C-F, 40C-D.













Above left is the Fleur't With Me Lacey Dainty Set in black, usually available in a lot of colors. S-XL.

On right is the newest permanent addition to the shop, Fleur't Collections' Lace T-back Tank Dress. S/M-XL and more full busted than the Dainties. 








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