Panache Underwire Sports Bra Review - 32J

January 13, 2016

Greetings everyone! This is going to be my first review so here we go. To begin I’ll start with a little about myself. I’m a college student at MSU studying biochemistry. I’m also a very active person who enjoys activities such as horseback riding, pole fitness and running (you can see where a good sports bra comes in handy here). I also struggle a lot with finding bras that fit me and are comfortable in day to day wear. Meeting Lauren at Curvaceous was a blessing! 

Sizing and Fit

The Panache Sports Bra is an encapsulation sports bra and is available in a wide range of UK sizes; 28DD-H, 30D-H, 32C-J, 34B-J, 36 & 38B-H and 40D-GG, as well as a wide variety of colorways. In this review I’m wearing the black colorway in a 32J. The band is very firm but true to size measuring at about 32” stretched. The cups are slightly too small for me but I am currently around a 32K (UK). As far as the cups go they are about average projection, and quite roomy. If you are in between cup sizes or don’t have much upper fullness you may find yourself taking a smaller cup size than usual. For example I’m two cup sizes larger than this size but am able to make it work with very little overspill. I do not get the center gore to lay flat on my chest because it is too small but this doesn’t affect the bounce control. On to the straps. These may be an issue for some people as they are only about half adjustable so smaller framed and higher set ladies may find the straps don’t adjust short enough for them. As for underwires, for my size in Panache they are very comfortable and not as wide as the underwires in some of their other bras. As you can see below the wires end just in front of my armpit comfortably (and not too high) and do not wrap around to my back which can be a problem in larger cup sizes. 

Materials and Features

In the 32J, the band has three hooks which increases comfort. It is also tagless, with the information printed directly onto the band. The entire bra is made out of a very smooth and comfortable fabric which doesn’t chafe or irritate me even during long and strenuous workouts and I have very sensitive skin. The seams are also very well done with a well finished edge. One thing I love about this bra is the underwire – it is very well padded so I hardly notice it during my workouts. All the support with even more comfort! The straps are another thing I really like about this bra. They are contoured so they are narrower where they attach at the front of the cup and widen as they reach your shoulder. This does two things, first it gives a wider weight distribution on your shoulders for more comfort and secondly, it keeps the straps out of the way of your arms/armpits which is very problematic in my size range. Now remember when I mentioned the straps are only half adjustable? They actually have a really good reason for this, the bra can convert to a racerback via a J hook. This offers even more bounce control for very high impact things like running and jumping. I only need the racerback for running and things like jumping rope as I find that it does dig into my shoulders a little bit because I don’t lengthen the straps to keep my bust contained. You can see the difference below.

Durability and other Comments

Overall I love the Panache Sports. It is my go to bra for all of my activities and the first bra I was able to run without any pain in. I can wear it for long periods without discomfort and it has held up great through the abuse I’ve put it through, as my bust is far from lightweight. The best part is you don’t get the whole “uniboob” squished together look that you do with other sports bras. The bra is sporty enough to be worn on its own or under a shirt. The “Panache” logo on front is wearing off a bit but I’m not super attached to it. It’s been washed many times and shows very little signs of wear but I hand wash and hang dry it like the rest of my bras. The only other little thing I’ve noticed is the bottom hook is pulled out a bit as I have a ribcage flare that puts more tension on the lower part of the band but it is still very sturdy. Otherwise I really can’t recommend this bra enough! I own it in three colors and they all fit identically. Here is the bra in action, it holds everything in place even upside down!



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